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If your question is not answered on this page, what next?

We at Sublime landscaping will try and highlight the frequently asked questions we have from customers over the years below. If something you would like to know about is not on this page regarding your Artificial Grass query, feel free to contact us on one of the numbers provided in our Contact Us page.

How does artificial grass compare to a natural turfed lawn?

A normal manicured lawn is fantastic and first choice if you have the right soil conditions, have pleanty of time to maintain the lawn, have no drainage issues, no over hanging trees and so on. Artificial Grass to touch in very realistic compared to a real lawn, and can solve a lot of maintance issues with real grass. Allowing you to have more time to do other things.

Does your grass range require sanding?

Some of the Sublime landscaping Artificial Grass ranges are infill and some are not. Generally the need for sand is when certain ranges of grass are installed and have a high traffic wear pattern on them. Such as children playing football or dogs. The sanding also deadens the grass, supports the pile, and protects the underlay from the extremities of the sun in very hot climates for some ranges of grass. So basically, depending on the circumstances, sanding is required. We will always discuss this with a client before an installation.

How long does artificial grass last?

Some of our grass ranges have up to a 10 year warranty. All of our grass products are manufactured in the Netherlands and are UV stable products and rated for extreme weather conditions. Our manufacturer is a member of ESTO which is the European regulatory body for artificial grass. With a little love and depending on the traffic volumes on the grass, they can last in excess of 20 years.

What is the maintenance involved with the grass?

Very little maintenance is involved with the grass from one end of the year to another. Generally we advise that any foliage be removed from the grass now and again, especially after the autumn fall of leaves. Other than that, it is fairly self sufficient. No watering, mowing or rolling your grass ever again and best of all, its mud free.

How does water drain through the grass?

Artifical grass has weep holes manufactured into the backing of the grass, which have ratings generally of 60 litres per square meter a minute. Storm rated heavy rain fall in Ireland never even comes close to this. The base of the grass is prepared to allow the water to disipate into the ground underneath just like a well drained natural lawn. Rain water will also naturally clean the artificial grass of small debris, dust or animal urine.

What is the base for the grass?

For a soil based surface, generally 4 inches of hardcore, and quarry dust are installed, including a stabalising membrane where required. If the base is concrete, paving or some type of flooring, the grass can be placed directly on top of the surface using special adhesives. The surface may require light preperation work to remove any obvious bumps or hollows.

How is the grass fixed down?

Depending on the contours, if the edge of the grass is straight or curved, Sublime Landscaping will use a combination of timber or concrete edging, and long fasteners fixed through the grass into one of these contours. The grass is extremely difficult to remove once fully fastened. If it is a hard surface, special adhesives are used to fix the grass down.

Do you use sub contractors?

Sublime Landscaping pride themselves in having a fully trained, directly employed work force, We have a full time crew trained and installing Artificial Grass all over the Cork region.

Is the grass pet friendly?

The grass has been designed with animals in mind, considering that 60 percent of Artificial Grass installations are for animal owners.

What happens if the dog does his/her business on it?

Like a normal lawn or surface, you remove the solids and if you feel you need to wash it, give it a quick hose down.

Will urine discolour the grass or make it smell?

No, urine does not discolour the Artificial Grass. When it rains it will naturally wash away any urine residue into the base and naturally break down.

How do I clean the grass, I have small children?

We get asked this from people with small children and animals doing their business on the grass If you want to clean the surface of the grass, a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft brush. Soapy water is as good as disinfectant and can kill any nasty bacteria or infections that might be present on the grass. Do not used bleach based products.

Will my kids graze themselves when sliding on the grass?

We generally recommend the longer pile grasses infilled with sand to reduce this risk.

What about my kids falling on it

We generally advise a longer and denser Artifical Grass to increase the softness of the grass on impact. There should be no issue with this, but if a playground is present ie swings and slides, we may suggest that a shock pa.d be introduced, so that a critical fall height is added to the surface