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Silversprings, Cork

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Step one


After the site is evaluated by the Sublime Landscaping Artificial Grass team, it is then decided whether a sod cutter or mini digger is required for the job. Sublime always aim to have 100mm minimum of hardcore and quarry dust base. If the ground conditions are very poor, additional ground may need to be taken out. A greater thickness of hardcore more than 100mm maybe needed to go back in and the use of a mini digger over sod cutter in this instance would be required. The ground is excavated to a firm depth ready for the sub base using one of these methods above. If the area being covered is on top of a suitable existing hard surface, the grass maybe fixed directly onto this surface. This is determined after a site visit.

Artificial Grass Install Cork Before
Artificial Grass Install Cork During
Step two

Geotextile & Hardcore Base

Once excavated, the ground is refilled back in with free draining hardcore and quarry dust topping. A Geotextile membrane is also added during this stage to aid in the stabilizing of the grass, dissipate water once it goes through the grass and hardcore and prevents unwanted movement of the grass over time. The 100mm of hardcore base also stabilizes the ground just like for a patio or other surface based product. The hard edging for the grass so that the grass can be fixed down, is normally a combination of quick drying cement, and treated timbers, depending on the contours.

Step three

Grass Installation & Sanding

Once the hardcore base is compacted, laying of the customers chosen grass is then carried out. This involves cutting the grass to the contours of its area. Once cut the grass is then fixed at the edging using long specialized fixings into the treated timber fixings or the cement base at the perimeter of the grass. Sanding is then carried out on the grass, depending on the type of grass selected. Some Artificial Grass products are non infill type and some are infill type grass. This will be discussed with the customer before installation is carried out.

Artificial Grass Install After