Mardyke 15mm


Note: Grass roles are supplied in 4m wide rolls up to 25 meters in length.  Please specify length only you require

For example:  Your order will be 4m in width x your selected quantity of length.

Please call if you have any questions regarding this order

Specify length in meters required below


m by 4m wide



With reference to the two examples on the left, you need to measure the area first in square meters. This is done by measuring the maximum width and length required for area to be covered. For odd shapes, measure to the largest distance for width and length that will fit your required shape into a rectangle, similar to the examples shown on the left.  When measuring always allow 10% extra onto your measurements for cutting and shaping. If you have two separate areas, treat them individually and add the over all length together for ordering.

Grass rolls come in 4m wide rolls with a maximum length of up to 25m per role, so please take this into consideration when making out your measurements.

For example a 7m wide garden x 10m long, would require a quantity of two 4m x 10m long pieces of grass, placed side by side. Hence the overall length to order is 20m in length, since the width is 4m as standard.


This is an entry level grass, suited to more budget driven installations, it is perfect for low foot traffic areas, roof tops or gardens that do not have large amounts of daily activity on them.

Mixture of curled and straight monofilament fibres with brown root thatch.

Pile Height – 15mm.

Guaranteed for 2 years.

Grass available in 4m wide rolls

Weight1 kg

Tufted synthetic grass carpet


PE Monofilament straight & PP Monofilament curled (UV Stabilized)

Yarn type

5.200 / 6 dTex PE monofilament straight & 3.000 / 8 dTex PP monofilament curled

Yarn quality

Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium

Primary backing

100% PP black, UV Stabilized, Weight 107 gr/m2

Secondary backing

Black Latex compound with a base of styrenebutadiene (SBR), with drainage holes, Weight 760 gr/m2


60 liter/min/m2

Pile height

15 mm


Mix of light and dark green + Brown

UV stability

Meets DIN 53387 Standard (6000 hours)


2 years