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Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass Cork

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic or Artificial grass is a woven artificial material designed to replicate natural grass. The Synthetic material of fibers is made to look like natural grass. Originally synthetic grass was used on sports grounds that required replacement of natural grass. In recent years the advancements in manufacturing technologies have allowed this artificial grass to become very realistic.

For this reason artificial grass has become extremely popular for domestic and commercial applications. Synthetic grass will eliminate maintenance, irrigation, water logging due to wet weather, poor grass quality due to over head shading or trees.

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Lush Deluxe 37mm

Our most popular grass with its C-shaped blades ensures the yarn to spring back into its original shape after use. An amazing blend of shades of green, gives this grass a rich lush colour distinct from all other grasses.

Contour Lush 30mm

This grass has the same characteristic as the Lush Deluxe, an amazing blend of shades of green giving it a rich lush colour but this grass with a shorter pile (30mm).

Grand Residence 50mm

This is unique grass with its 50mm pile, the blend of green shades & pale coloured thatch make this a very realistic looking lawn, more suited for that designer look.

Contour Residence 37mm

As with the longer version this grass shares the same attributes as the 50mm but has a shorter appearance.

Emerald Silk 37mm

This grass has an distinct emerald green colour, super soft feel & realistic appearance. The reinforced shaped blades with backbones on each yearn helps this grass hold its shape under frequent use.

Contour Emerald 27mm

As with the longer version this grass shares the same attributes as the 37mm only with a shorter appearance.

Contour Fairway 25mm

This grass is part of our golf range, can be used as fringe or fairway around the greens, its very realistic looking & perfect for chipping off. Also suitable for other applications.

Natural Supreme 40mm

This very realistic looking grass has a darker tone than our other grasses. Its fine blades gives this grass a silky feeling and very soft under foot